Richmond UMC engages several ministries in caring for our church family, for our immediate and surrounding communities, and on a regional level and beyond. We invite our friends, family and neighbors to experience God's love through our work and lives in our community.

Whitewater Area Regional Ministry

Richmond United Methodist Church is a member of a three-church five congregation consortium which began several years ago in response to escalating cost to maintain each respective church and the difficulty finding clergy to pastor each of our individual congregations.

With the leadership of the First United Methodist Church in Whitewater, together with the La Grange United Methodist Church, and Richmond United Methodist Church the idea of sharing administrative services and clergy offered a practical solution each congregation more flexibility in serving its congregations while benefiting from economies of scale in other areas. In addition, WARM offers many youth ministry opportunities that each individual congregations would have difficulty offering or staffing on our own.

When the concept of WARM was put forward, it was the only Regional Ministry of its kind in the Wisconsin Conference. Each church continues to operate autonomously while contributes proportionately to the shared cost of operation. Each church is represented with lay member appointed to serve on the regional ministry committee.

The WARM congregations and ministries include:

First United Methodist Church, Whitewater
La Grange United Methodist Church, La Grange
Richmond United Methodist Church, Richmond
Christo la Roca Ministerio Methodista Unida, Whitewater
(Worshiping at the First United Methodist Church, Whitewater); and
UW-Whitewater United Methodist Ministry

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Whitewater Area Regional Ministry
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La Grange
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United Methodist Church
Christo la Roca Ministerio
Methodista Unida
United Methodist Ministry

WARM Programs and Ministries:

  • Promise Point - Grade School Youth Group
  • MYSG - Middle School Youth Group
  • SYNGO - Youth Bible Study
  • Breakfast Club - Free breakfast for students every Wednesday
  • Prime Time - High School youth programs and activities
United Methodist Church Ministries
WARM Ministries
  • Promise Point
  • Midle School Youth Group
  • Breakfast Club
  • Prime Time
  • Youth Mission Trip
  • UW-Whitewater Free Student Lunch
Community Outreach Ministries
Wisconsin Conference of UMC
UMCOR - United Methodist
Committee On Relief